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17 Sep

By 99loans_admin

Category: Immigration, US Green Card, US Visa

US Green Card Interview – did you guess ever how it could be, read this No Comments

US Green Card Interview – did you guess ever how it could be, read this

Learn here about the US Green Card Interview in Richard Marks (Legal Green Card Holder) own words. My green card interview was interesting to say the least.

If you are about to have one, I strongly suggest that you do your research before hand so you can know what to expect.

So my green card interview went something like this: I pulled up to the USCIS immigration offices in Dallas, Texas at around lunch time for my interview at 1pm. I went through a pat search procedure and walked through a set of metal detectors, before climbing the stairs to a waiting area that was packed with people and families (must be noted that my wife was with me at the time).

I sat in some terrible, airport style chairs for around 3 hours before hearing my name called. During this time I saw many people go back for their interviews behind one of several doors. Some were in there for a few hours, some never seemed to come back out.

Eventually I heard my name called, and I was ushered down a hallway and into a small office, behind which sat a gentleman in a suit. I shook his hand and sat down.

He then proceeded to ask me some questions, questions like:

Did I enter the United states for the purposes of committing a terroristic act?

Did I enter the United States for the purposes of trying to overthrow the government?

Did I enter the United states in order to kidnap, or forcibly remove a child from the mothers care?

For what purpose did I enter the united states?

Once I explained that I had entered the USA in order to be with my wife, who is an American citizen, we were asked to prove our relationship.

This is where research really came in handy, I knew what they were looking for, and came probably over prepared.

I reached down, and opened the suitcase that I had with me. Inside it was several photo albums of pictures of me and my wife together when we had been dating. In Texas, Chicago, Scotland and England.

I also had flight stubs of every single flight that I had undertaken to visit my wife for the 4 years we had been dating.

I had gift receipts for every gift I had bought her.

She had a folder worth of emails that we had sent to each other as well.

Finally, because my wife had lost her job at Verizon a few months previously, and had started a new job at Walmart. A job that at the time did not reach the minimum yearly income for being able to house both of us. and I had only a few weeks previously received my work permit, we also had an affidavit filled out showing that my in-laws were willing to help us out financially if needed in the short term.

When the officer saw that the whole suitcase was evidence for our relationship (and we had that affidavit) he stopped us, stamped my passport and said that we were good.

Total time in the interview, 20 minutes.

So that was my green card interview.

What I will say is this: A green card interview is much like any interview. Go prepared, do your research, and be confident in who you are. Everything will be fine.

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