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01 Apr

By 99loans_admin

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Red Hot Days, Protect Your Skin & Hair from Peak Summer heat 1 Comment

Red Hot Days, Protect Your Skin & Hair from Peak Summer heat

Carrot Juice for Glowing Healthy Hair:
Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice for Healthy Hair & Skin

Ingredients: Carrots 2 No’s, Lemon 1/2 Chunk, Ginger Small Piece, Sugar as required, Pudina Leaves 2 Spoons, Water as required.

Preparation: Put all Washed and cleaned Carrot pieces, Ginger, Pudina Leaves in a Mixer to grind till it appears as smoothie, finally add lemon to the paste. Your healthy smoothie is ready to protect your skin and hair.
How it works: Anti-oxidants, Carotenoids in Carrot protects from Sun light. Ginger prevents the Skin & Hair from infections and protects health of the hair.

For Shiny Skin – Flax Seed Laddu (Avisa Laddu):
flax seeds

Flax seeds for healthy and glowing skin

Ingredients: Flax Seeds 1/2 cup, Green Gram 1/2 cup, Jaggery 1/2 cup, Elaichi 3 No’s, Ghee 3 spoons, Kabooli Chana (Chickpea) 1/4 cup.

Laddu Preparation: Roast the Flax seeds and Green gram till it turns golden brown for 15 minutes. Put ingredients like roasted Flax seeds, Green Gram, Jaggery, Elaichi and chana in mixie and grind till it is powdered. At the end add melted ghee to the mixture and make laddus.
How it works: Flax seeds helps in keep your skin moist and healthy during in a hot and dry summer day.

OatMeal Moisturizer:
oat meal

Oats help in keep glowing your skin

Ingredients: Almond Milk 2 cups (Sugar Less), A Pinch of Table Salt, Oats 1 cup, Soaked Almond Nut pieces 2 spoons.

Preparation: Boil the Almond milk on a tiny flame till the milk becomes thick. Next pour Oats to the boiled milk and simmer for 5-6 minutes. Just Before Removing the pan from the stove and add table salt and Almond nut pieces. Cool it to room temperature and use.
How it works: Oats are the natural moisturizers. Oats helps the Skin Tan changes due to hot weather. It also helps in Acne problem.

Vitamin E with GreenTea:
Green Tea

Green Mint Tea

Ingredients: Fresh Ginger 1 inch size, Water 3 cups, Pudina (Mint) Leaves 1/2 cup, Green Tea bags 3 No’s, Natural Honey 1/4 cup, fresh Lemon juice 2 spoons.

Preparation: Put the Mashed Ginger in water to boil. Switch off the flame and add Mint leaves, drop the GreenTea bags and cover the pan to arrest the vapour leak. Add Honey and Lemon juice after 15 minutes. If you like Chilled, then keep refregerated for 10-15 minutes and drink.
How it works: A special anti-oxidant named Epi Galo Catechin Galate present in GreenTea. It is 25 times more powerful than the Vitamin E which helps the Skin Glow. It is 100 times more beneficial than Vitamin C.

Pomegranate Sun Screen Salad:

Pomegranate Sun Screen Salad

Ingredients: Orange 3 No’s, Pomegranate 1 (seeds), Strawberry slices 1 cup, Orange Juice 1 cup or Lemon Juice 1 spoon, Grated Mint Leaves 2 spoons, A Pinch of Salt, A Pinch of Black Pepper.
Preparation: Mix Orange slices or Carpels, Pomegranate seeds, Strawberry slices and pepper powder. Sprinkle the salt and Garnish with Mint Leaves and your Sun Screen Salad is ready.

Other Tips:

* The fruits which contains more Vitamin C acts like Natural Sun Screen which protects the skin from Sunlight. Guava helps in refreshing healthy skin.
* Tomato’s & Water Melon helps protect from UV Radiation effect on skin and keeps the skin moist in dry conditions.
* Beta-carotene in Carrots helps the skin from blemishes, Heat burns and dis-colouration (Black colour).
* Pomegranate helps in controlling UV Rays effect on skin cells health.
* Lycopene and Vitamin E are high in Chilly’s helps to skin beautify and glowing.
* To control Melanoma effect (Skin Blackens) Due to heavy heat in summer day can be prevented by taking 2 cups of GreenTea everyday.

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