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05 Apr

By 99loans_admin

Category: food

Hyderabadi Dum Recipes – Nothing Beats – The Local Flavours 1 Comment

Hyderabadi Dum Recipes – Nothing Beats – The Local Flavours

Dum recipes have a great importance in Persian Cuisine. Spices, flavored Herbals, cooking longer at low flame or temperatures, Heavy metal handi pots or bowls, Vapour sealing Wheat floar dough brings delicious taste to the recipe. This wheat floar seal also called as Pardha.

Dum means: These recipes are not just Pouring all ingredients in a pressure cooker until you get a whistle and dump into serving plates. There is a stringent process hard to follow for longer periods on low temperatures where flame is not in direct contact with the Handi. However, after completion of the cooking you sense mouth drooling flavours while removing the bowl’s wheat floar seal. Wow for it’s flavour and taste alone everyone wait for their turn to eat at any cost.

Hyderabad Sabji Dum Ki Biryani:

Dum Biryani

Hyderabad Sabji Ki Dum Biryani

Ingredients: Masala-1: Basmati Rice – 400grams, Sliced Vegetables – 400grams, Ginger Garlic Paste – 50grams, Salt – as required, Chilly Powder – 15grams, Turmeric Powder – 5grams, Vegetable Oil – as required.

Masala-2: Shajeera – 5grams, Jeera Powder – 10grams, Coriander Powder – 10grams, Garam Masala – 10grams, Grated Coriander leaves – 4 spoons, Grated Mint Leaves – 2 spoons, Fried Brown Onion – 20grams, Curd – 100grams, Green Chilly Paste – 15grams.

Masala-3: Garam Masala – 10grams, Ginger Garlic Paste – 10grams, Salt – as required, Green Chillies – 4, Grated Mint Leaves – 10grams, Grated Coriander leaves – 10grams, Poltly Masala Powder – 10grams.

Masala-4: Ghee – 50grams, Saffron flower – 1/2gram, Brown Onion – 25grams, Grated Mint & Coriander Leaves – 10grams, Wheat Floar – 100grams.

Preparation: Make chapati dough with wheat floar. Soak basmati rice 15mins prior to the processing, Marinate Semi boiled vegetables with Masala 1 spices and keep aside for 20 minutes. Take a Shallow Bronze bowl and mix well all ingredients of Masala-2 along with marinated vegetables. Boil 2 litres of water in a long bowl, add all ingredients of Masala-3, after sometime add soaked basmati rice and wait till half boiled. Pour Half boiled rice to make a layer on marinated vegetables. Pour all the ingredients of Masala-4 as the top layer and close with a plate. This should be sealed with wheat floar dough. Keep a thick pan on stove and put the bronze bowl in it, simmer for 15 minutes on a light flame. Put off the flame and keep the bowl on pan for next 10 minutes. Now, Recipe is ready to serve.

Kachche Gosht Ki Dum Biryani:

Hyderabad Dum Biryani

Kachche Gosht Ki Dum Biryani

Ingredients: Basmati Rice 400grams, Mutton Pieces – 800grams
Masala-1: Ginger Garlic Paste – 50grams, Table salt – as required, Chilly powder – 15grams, Turmeric powder – as required, Green Papaya paste – 20grams, Vegetable oil – 20ml.

Masala-2: Shajeera – 5grams, Jeera powder – 10grams, Coriander powder – 10grams, Vegetable Oil – 20ml, Garam Masala powder – 10grams, Grated coriander leaves – 50grams, Grated Mint leaves – 25grams, Brown onion – 20grams, Curd – 100grams, Green chilly paste – 15grams.

Masala-3: All Masala ingredients – 10grams, Ginger garlic paste – 10grams, Table salt – as required, Grated mint leaves – 10grams, Green chilly – 4 No’s, Coriander – 2 branches, Potly masala powder – 10grams.

Masala-4: Ghee 50grams, A pinch of Saffron flower, Brown onion- 25grams, Grated mint leaves – 5grams, Wheat floar – 100grams.

Preparation: Marinate the Mutton with Masala-1 ingredients and refrigerate under 10 degrees for 90 minutes. Prepare wheat floar dough and keep it aside. Take a shallow bronze bowl and pour Masala-2 ingredients and marinated mutton, mix both and leave it. Boil 2 liters of water in a long neck bowl and add Masala-3 ingredients. Later, add soaked basmati rice to the mix, simmer for some time. Take out half boiled rice and put a layer on top of the marinated mutton then pour Masala-4 ingredients as top layer and close with a thick plate. Seal the bowl with wheat dough. Keep Bronze bowl on a thicker pan on stove, maintain a light flame for 45 minutes later, put off the flame and keep the bowl further 15 minutes to cook well. Now the dish is ready to serve.

Nalli Gosht Hyderabadi Dum:

Hyderabadi Dum recipe

kachche gosht ki dum

Ingredients: Mutton shanks – 4 No’s, Vegetable Oil – 25ml, Cinnamon bark or stick – 2 No’s, Green Cardamom – 4 No’s, Biryani Leaves – 2 No’s, Ginger Garlic paste – 12grams, Chilly powder – 5grams, Salt – as required, Mutton stock – 1 Litre, Brown Onion paste – 50grams, Garam Masala powder – 2grams, Tomato paste – 30grams.

Preparation: Clean & wash mutton pieces and marinate with the mix of chilly powder, salt and ginger garlic paste, refrigerate for 1 hour. Take a thicker bottomed Handi (Deep Bronze Bowl), pour vegetable oil wait till it heats and add Cinnomon, Cardamom, Biryani leaves after 1 minute add Ginger garlic paste then roast the mix. Add the marinated mutton, chilly powder, Tomato paste, Roasted onion paste and salt to the mix again roast for 5 minutes. Add mutton stock to this roast, close the bowl with plate. Simmer for 45 minutes on a low flame. After 45 minutes put-off the flame and garnish with Coriander leaves and Ginger slices and serve hot.

Dum Murgh Hyderabadi:

Hyderabadi Dum recipe

Dum Murgh Hyderabad

Ingredients: Boneless Chicken – 200grams, Cashew Nuts – 75grams, Coriander Powder – 8grams, Coriander leaves 1 bundle, Mint Leaves – 10grams, Kasuri Methi – 2grams, Ginger garlic paste – 5grams, Curd – 50grams, Green chillies – 3 No’s, Roasted brown onion – 30grams, Ghee – 10grams, Cream – 10ml, Vegetable Oil – 25ml.

Preparation: Clean and wash the chicken, marinate with the mix of Salt, Ginger garlic paste and keep aside. Take a handi (Deep Bronze Bowl)with thick bottom and add all the ingredients to marinated mutton, other than Cream and Ghee. Keep the bowl closed on low flame simmer it for 25 minutes. Put-off the stove and garnish with Cream, Ghee and brown onion flakes and serve.

Dum Ki Gobi:

Hyderabadi Dum recipe

Dum Ki Gobi

Ingredients: Roasted Brown Onion – 40grams, Tomato puree – 30grams, Whole Cauliflower – 200grams (Do not cut), Cashew Nut paste – 20grams, Grated Coriander leaves – 5grams, Grated Mint leaves – 3grams, Curd – 50grams, Biryani leaf – 1, Ginger garlic paste – 5grams, Green chilly paste – 5grams, Salt – as required, Chilly powder – 3grams, Turmeric powder – As required, Ghee – 2 spoons, Garam Masala powder – 2grams, Vegetable Oil – As required.

Preparation: Dip Cauliflower in Turmeric Salt water for 20 minutes to de-warm or to kill any germs. Take a heavy bottom bronze bowl and pour Vegetable oil, Ginger garlic paste and salt to roast. To this mix, add Tomato puree, Green chilly paste, Turmeric Powder, Chilly powder, Cashew Nut paste and some water then cook for 5 minutes on low flame. Add scrambled curd to this mixture and simmer for 2 minutes. Now, put whole cauliflower in this mixture and add roasted brown onion, Garam masala powder, coriander, grated mint leaves and put the bowl on low flame. Then, keep the bowl on a pan and close the bowl with air tight lid, cook on low flame for 15 minutes. Put-off the stove and garnish cauliflower with Ghee and Brown onion and serve.

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