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28 May

By 99loans_admin

Category: Crops, food, Health

How to prevent Crops from Locust / Grasshopper attacks No Comments

How to prevent Crops from Locust / Grasshopper attacks

Locust attack is very dangerous on crops, as millions of locust will devastate the crop in few minutes. So you will not have time to use Pesticides to kill the infest. Only thing is you can prevent this with a traditionally proven technique in this grave situation.

Dig 2 feet soil in your own agricultural land and keep aside (we don’t use this) then collect the soil by digging another 4 ft from there which has gummy in nature. Add 30-40 kgs soil into 200ltrs plastic drum. Stirr and mix well for 10 minutes then filter this mixture using any thin cloth. Then spray this filtered soil water on your crop, ensure complete plant from top to bottom is drenched or sprayed. Repeat this for 4-5 times within 15 – 20days period.
Do not worry about the plant, soil water spray will be a good protection against hotsun during summer heat. One more important thing is Locust / Grasshopper does not have a Liver in their body so it can not eat the soiled crop to digest. Hence, Locust / Grasshopper will die without food.
In this process, Farmers does not need to spend money for this procedure only they have to use their physical energy to conduct spray.
Use and save your crops, save yourself and save the country.

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