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09 Apr

By 99loans_admin

Category: food

Beat the COLD with Hot Herbal TEA in Rainy / Winter Season 1 Comment

Beat the COLD with Hot Herbal TEA in Rainy / Winter Season

Hibiscus Tea:

Hibiscus flower petals tea

Ingredients: Hibiscus flowers – 10 No’s, Natural Fresh Honey – Two spoons, Water – As required.

Preparation: Remove flower petals from Hibiscus flowers and put in boiled water, simmer for 15 minutes till the water colour turns to light rose. Put-off the flame and add honey to this tea and serve hot.


it Keeps control the Blood Pressure.
Reduces the Cholesterol.
It prevents from frequent cold attacks and fever by improving our immunity power.
It provides relief to some sort of pains during menstrual period.
It helps in reducing our body weight.

Drumstick (Moringa) Leaf Tea:

Moringa (Drumstick leaves) Tea

Ingredients: Handful of Dried drumstick leaves (dried under shade), Grated Ginger – One Spoon, Fresh & Tender Gated Turmeric Root or Turmeric Powder 1/4 spoon, Lemon 1/2 chunk, Fresh Honey for taste, Water as required.

Preparation: Pour Drumstick leaves, grated ginger and Turmeric in water and boil the mixture for 10 minutes. Put-off the flame and filter the mixture and lemon drops to the tea and add honey for taste.


High presence of Anti-oxidants in drumstick leaf tea shields our body from free radical released toxins.
It gives sufficient Calcium, Potassium, Iron & Zinc to our body.
It help keep-up healthy glowing skin and shiny hair.

Lemon Grass Tea:

Lemongrass Tea

Ingredients: Water Four Cups, Lemon grass Half Cup (if you get fresh green, take three stalks), Fresh Honey or Jaggery – Three spoons.

Preparation: Boil the water in a tea kettle or pan, add lemon grass, simmer for 5 minutes while keep closing the Kettle air tight. If you cultivate lemon grass in-house you can use tender green stalks else dried lemon grass is available in market. Now put-off the flame, add Honey or Jaggery for taste and it is not compulsory ingredient. Serve Hot.


Lemon grass tea spreads great fragrance which normalises the Anxiety, Hyper-tension. It reduces the infections in body due to less immunity power. It help keeps mouth health intact. It helps prevent breast cancer.

Spicy Turmeric Tea:

Spicy Turmeric Tea

Ingredients: Grated Fresh Turmeric root – One spoon, Grated Ginger – Half spoon, Cinnamon stick – One piece, Water – One and half cup.

Preparation: Add turmeric, ginger and cinnamon to water and boil on low flame for 10 minutes. Put-off the flame and filter the concoction, add lemon drops. Your Tea is ready to drink.


The special chemical Curcumin brings great properties to turmeric. Anti-oxidants present in curcumin prevents Heart diseases. Anti tumor properties of curcumin arrests the growth of cancerous cells. It controls joint pains and reduces or prevents memory loss.

Pudina Tea or Mint Leaves Tea:

Pundina (Mint leaves) Tea

Ingredients: Handful of Pudina (mint) leaves, Green Tea bags 2 No’s, Natural Fresh Honey – 2 spoons, Water – 2 cups.

Preparation: Put mint leaves in water and boil on a low flame till you feel good fragrance. Put-off the flame and dip the green tea bags in concoction. Tea is ready, If you serve with Honey and Lemon juice drops, it tastes better.


It gives relief and controls Cold and in-digestion issues.
While you feel head-ache prefer mint tea to get immediate relief.
If you have menstrual period issues mint tea gives great relief to it.

Tulsi Tea:

Tulsi Leaves Tea

Ingredients: Tulsi leaves – Half cup, Water – 2 cups, Green Tea – 1 spoon, Whole Cardamom – 2 No’s, Ginger – small piece, Cinnamon stick – small piece, Clove – 1 No, Natural Fresh Honey – 1 spoon.

Preparation: Put Tulsi leaves in water and boil. Keep the flame on low burner and add green tea powder, Cardamom, Grounded Ginger, cinnamon and clove, simmer for 5 minutes. Put-off the flame and filter concoction, before serving add honey to drink.


It helps keep skin health good condition.
Controls Acne problem.
It relieves our body from cold and fever
It has Anti-allergic properties to prevent us from any allergies
It relieves from lung problems
It helps regain skin glow from summer heat effect.

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